Meet Deb

“I’m a creative thinker and willing to find solutions outside the box.”


Faith. Family. And public service. These are the themes of Deb Baughman’s life.

She was born and raised just outside of Boston, the daughter of a secretary and an electronics repairman. In high school, she developed a deep faith in God that would change her life. Over the years, she has been very active in Christian ministry and currently attends Trinity United Church of Christ in Saxton.

Deb always had a love for working with children. She graduated from Lesley College in Boston with a degree in education and would later go on to earn her Master’s degree in education through Wilkes University.

IMG_5095_1After her family’s relocation to Pennsylvania in 1985, she would become a Cub Scout leader, Sunday school teacher, and church leader. She was employed as a teacher in the Cornwall-Lebanon School District for 25 years before retiring. Deb taught elementary school for the first half of her career. For the remainder of her career, she developed and taught a career awareness class for 8th graders based on the PA Academic Standards for Career Education and Work. Through that program, Deb worked in partnership with local workforce development leaders.

After retiring from teaching, Deb and her husband moved to Saxton, John’s home area. Her husband serves on the Tussey Mountain School Board as a Republican. Deb and John are both committed to serving their community. In their free time, they enjoy spending time with family. They have three children and three grandchildren. There is no greater joy than being a grandparent.

IMG_2857They also love to hunt, fish and boat on Raystown Lake. Deb is grateful to rural Pennsylvania for introducing her to shooting sports and hunting through a Women in the Outdoors program, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the National Wild Turkey Federation. She has found her home here, in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Deb is a member of the Bedford Business and Professional Women, McConnellsburg Main Street Project Organizational Committee  (downtown revitalization), associate member Tuscarora Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Helen B. Hughes Federation of Democratic Women. She is actively involved with the Rural Caucus of the PA Democratic Committee and is a passionate advocate and leader for rural issues and working families. Deb is also a member of Fair Districts Bedford County which seeks non-partisan re-districting reform. She is an active member of PSEA-Retired, the Indivisible Upstanders of Bedford County, and a member of the Saxton Sportsmen Association.

Faith, family, and a strong work ethic have shaped Deb’s life. She looks forward to representing these values for our community in Harrisburg.


“I’m not a politician. I have never run for political office.”


Why I’m Running

IMG_5720_bWhy would a happily retired school teacher and grandmother, who has never run for political office, decide to toss in her hat for State Representative?

I live in Saxton, a little town at the northern edge of Bedford County. A working-class town that was once a prosperous center of railroad, industry, and commerce. Now, a shell of its former self and not given more than a passing thought by today’s politicians. Industry gone. Property values down. A struggle to provide a quality education for our children. Forgotten…except by the proud residents who love their roots…and their town…and each other. Their fighting spirit lives here. It lives in the group of concerned citizens who come together to plan events and raise funds to revitalize the town’s center. It lives in the fire company that is the beating heart of this community. It lives in the churches that nurture the spiritual life so important here. It lives in the schools that are central to community identity. It lives in the love of family, which is everything. People here don’t care about being rich or living in fancy houses. They just want a chance to work hard and provide a decent life for their families. Is that asking too much?

2018-01-23 13.29.07I love this town. You won’t find better people. They deserve a fair deal from their government- not a raw deal. There are other forgotten people and communities in Bedford, Franklin, and Fulton counties. I want to go to Harrisburg to fight for all of our working families- for the people with mud on their boots.


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